In-person and Distant Healing Energy Sessions

Your Experience

You can experience energy healing by Ted either in-person or at a separate location, whichever is most convenient for you. Many of Ted’s clients may begin with in-person healings, and then find that it is more convenient to work with Ted by phone so leaving home is not a necessity. The outcomes are equally effective.

Ted can also perform energy healing on your beloved pet or animal in need of relief from pain or emotional suffering. In Person Healing

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Sessions are conducted in a quiet, peaceful atmosphere. You should wear loose clothing that is comfortable as you will remain fully clothed lying down on a massage table with your eyes closed during your session. We only ask that you remove your shoes. You may sit in a chair if you find this to be more comfortable.

Reconnective Healing and Reiki do not require touching. The Body Code along with The Emotion Code involves muscle testing or kinesiology. Our initial and follow up discussion will be face-to-face. The entire appointment will last approximately one hour. Distance Healing

Reiki Healing – Reconnective Healing – The Emotion Code – Animal Healing - The Body Code

Energy healing is not subject to distance or time, and it’s effectiveness over any distance is equal to an in person session. The Energy Healing session takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. For distance healing, Ted contacts you by phone to begin the session. You lie down with shoes removed in a quiet, comfortable place. Turn off your cell phone, TV, or radio and close your eyes. Plan your space and time so that there are no interruptions. After approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, Ted contacts you again by phone to discuss the session. Ted shares his experience of what has happened, and you do the same. If you fall asleep, we can connect the next day. (Minors must have a parent or guardian present and have parental consent.)

Animals and Pet Healing

Reiki Healing – Reconnective Healing – The Emotion Code – The Body Code

Animals and pets experience the benefits of Reconnective Healing in the same way as humans. Reconnective Healing allows animals to feel a restoration of balance, harmony, strength, and health. Pets can be held by their owners during the session.

What You Can Expect

During an Energy Healing Session with Ted

The Healing Energy is unique and different for everyone. Release all expectations and be open to experience the Healing Energy. Some people feel as if they are out-of-body, some have twitches, spasms, tingling, swallowing, a floating sensation, loss of the sense of time, emotional release, see various colors, lights, and patterns, are very relaxed, or they fall asleep. Not everyone falls asleep, but it is normal to do so. This is fully surrendering to the Healing Energy. These feelings are all signs that the Healing Energy is at work and that you are open to the healing which is taking place.​

After a session you may feel tired and very relaxed or active and energetic. We are unique beings and our experience will be unique. To surrender and allow the experience of Energy Healing is amazing!

Typically three sessions is optimal. However, depending on the individual’s health condition, more sessions may be required.

Please note: It is recommended that you drink plenty of water before and after your appointment. Water is a conduit for energy. You should not have a full stomach. Fullness can make you uncomfortable and heavy, with an inability to relax and allow the Healing Energy to flow through you.

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