Helping Each Other

During this Corona virus crisis, it's in our best interest to remain positive, follow health guidelines, and reach out to those in need.

Some people believe the virus was foretold in prophesy. Some say we are being punished and the end is near. Others believe the earth has had enough abuse and is cleansing and renewing itself. Many blame science or some far away country. What's important is getting through this.

Regardless, as resilient humans we will do our best to overcome it. So allow your neighbor to help if you need help. It makes them feel good or they wouldn't offer in the first place. Too proud to accept charity is old school. Neighbors are delivering food, sharing paper products with those in need, assisting with yard work, phoning and checking in on the elderly, and more. Many things can be done for others without direct contact.

People are seeing acts of kindness as a silver lining in this time of uncertainty. Share your gifts and talents. Be willing to allow others to give of themselves. Joy can be experienced in simple ways by the givers and the receivers.

Don't forget the worldwide effort to conquer this illness. The twenty minute meditation will take place on April 4 at 10:45 pm EST. Focus on eliminating sickness and a return to normalcy.

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