Clearing yourself and the environment

Healers know how to clear their environment following a healing. The following can be used by anyone, healers and individuals living in an environment where sickness or negativity has taken place. DOR, dead orgone energy, is a low energy or even bad vibes as in a room.
To sage a house or use crystals works well. Either method collects the DOR.

Negative ions also clear the room or home. Rid yourself of DOR by taking a twenty minute bath in a warm tub with one pound of sea salt and one pound of baking soda. The baths may be needed several times a week. Then rest well. Or, laying in sunshine is helpful. You'll know for how long.

Drink a full glass of spring water after each healing or event. It carries away the DOR and prevents bloating. Bloating is caused by not drinking enough water. Your body will use the water to hold the DOR - in the water - rather than let it go deeper into your body tissues.

Of course, for those familiar with using crystals, they protect your energy system as well.

Certification and Training

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