Since Every Person is Unique

With great compassion and care for life, My Healing work is based on your needs.

Healing Science

I Have Several Certifications, And Helped Countless People.

At Home Healing

Many people prefer the comfort of their own homes when receiving Distance healing.

Experience powerful physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual Energy Healing by Ted. As a Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner, certified Emotion Code healer, Body Code Healer and Reiki master, Ted can help you become a stronger you, and enjoy life changing results.
If you are suffering with physical illness, pain, emotional, mental, or spiritual concerns, there is help available. For over twenty years Ted has been on a spiritual journey, studied many healing modalities, holds several certifications, and has helped countless people. With great compassion and care for life, his healing work is based on YOUR needs, since every person is unique. Ted's healing energy is strong and effective, it comes through him from a higher source.
A connection is made to your higher self, to your body's own intelligence. Healing sessions can address pain, digestive issues, immune disorders, depression, stress and anxiety, even cancer, and so much more.
Spiritual healing sessions help you come to terms with your true being and your life's path. Holistic energy healing doesn't end with a healing session.
Coaching is provided for your continued good health and free consultations are always available.

Distance healing is available as well. It is equally as effective as in person. Many people prefer the comfort of their own homes when receiving healing energy.
Animals and house pets respond very well to holistic energy healing. Reconnective Healing, The Body Code, The Emotion Code, and Reiki have been modalities that many pet owners in Jacksonville and at distance locations have found relief provided for their loving animals. Energy healing therapy is non-invasive, but gentle and compassionate.

"Feel Good...Finally." Ted Kostek


At Healing Energy by Ted, we do not diagnose. Sessions never interfere with conventional medical care and are not a substitute for it. Energy simply allows for healing to take place. When receiving energy healing, there is no side effects whatsoever. Now is the time to restore balance and harmony to your body, mind and spirit for a healthy future.

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